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At Engordar, we develop the activities of breeding, pastoral rearing and fattening in feedlots, complementing production with Brangus and Bradford herds for the development of breeders for own use in different fields. These new recently acquired establishments join Rancho Grande, La Armonía, La Porteña, El Carmen and Santo Domingo establishments, located in the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Catamarca and Tucumán. In this way, we managed to extend to the northern area of Northwestern Argentina, expanding livestock production area.

“Don Bruno, with 7,400 hectares, and Cien Leguas, with 9,900 hectares, increase their work area by 53%, consolidating 49,000 hectares of livestock production”.

Ing. Daniel Navarro, Gerente de Ganadería. 

One of the competitive advantages of these establishments is their environmental condition regarding humidity, temperature and optimal precipitations for the ultimate expression of gatton panic and graman rhodes tropical pastures, which is necessary for a good pastoral system and a key factor in the meat production chain.

New Fields, New Challenges

The work team is currently learning about the fields and how to manage them by determining the state of the pastures and measuring the drinking water sources and divisions. They are also carrying out a general cleaning to assess the productive resource and initial infrastructure and adapt them to our company’s production standards.

“We are carrying out a sustained growth work plan in order to reach maximum production in three years”

Ing. Daniel Navarro.  

(*LU/ha: livestock unit per hectare)

Among the current challenges, we are performing the analysis of these fields through the use of satellite images and accurate land surveying, which enable us to visualize the initial state of the fields and plan changes and improvements to the production design.

It is worth mentioning that the increase in the number of hectares also generated the need to incorporate new members to our work team: an engineer in charge of the sector, field supervisors, clerks, station workers and tractor drivers to meet operational and technical needs.

“We prepared 6 houses for the personnel and installed Internet antennas, which allow for WiFi communication among the different stations and establishments. These systems have energy autonomy since they have solar panels”.

Ing. Daniel Navarro.  

Future Projection

The work we are carrying out now is essential for the future of these fields in order to reach the maximum production potential in terms of the number of head of cattle in the medium term.

This growth enables us to expand livestock farming in the northern area, always thinking in the province of Salta.

“The team is excited about the potential of these establishments that we incorporated into Engordar’s integrated production system”

Ing. Daniel Navarro.