“It is essential to provide the animal with a diet with all the necessary nutrients to complete the growth and development of its tissues,” says engineer Daniel Navarro, Engordar manager. The company uses products and by-products from the Lucci Group industries. It adds protein to the animal nutrition of its cows through Hi Pro soy flour, protein concentrates and balanced foods provided by Viluco.

Engordar actively participates in the development of animal nutrition products of Viluco and capitalizes on the synergy with the companies of the business group to make possible the conversion at the origin of vegetable proteins to animal proteins in NOA. “We design products based on crops, making contributions so that they are economically and nutritionally convenient in the livestock establishment,” says Daniel Navarro.

This year, Engordar used Citrusvil’s lemon peel for animal nutrition, which provides a source of fiber and energy. The shell was included in feedlot rations and supplied directly to the animal in pastoral systems with self-consumption. “It was possible to consume around 4,200 tons of dried lemon peel in livestock,” adds Daniel Navarro.

The company seeks food innovation and for this it carries out the preparation of silos with unconventional crops such as sugarcane. “We consider that the silo is the forage base of all feedlot diets and, therefore, of growth in meat production. In this lies the importance of producing more and better silos at a lower cost, ”explains the manager. Although the cane silo has lower nutritional quality than the corn and sorghum silo, its large production per hectare allows to reduce costs per ton and acquire lower production costs.

In short, Engordar continues to innovate the products and by-products that are developed within the business group in animal nutrition. This seeks to achieve excellence in their meats and the best quality of life for their livestock.